mayahighblogs – ants humands and puppias by gertiercragn


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it looks like it’s prart of a serial but i’m only gonna do the first one for tonight. it’s a genfic! WOOHOO!!non human cas and looks like another flufffy fic! i’m gatgetting all fluffy tonight.

summary It’s a hot summer afternoon. Dean’s been working on the
Impala, in the shade of a huge, old tree. Cas has been keeping him
company the entire time. While Dean finishes up, Cas watches a colony of ants. Yes…it’s just as riveting as it sounds. 🙂  There’s more to it, though. I promise.

Give yourself more credit gertiec! you probably bout a oot of work on to to this. *claps you on the back8

“Every living thing is a miracle, no matter how small or insignificant
it may seem.”

YEAH DEN! they ara ald voocool oops. my typgibn is cagttting workse.

The half-billion-year-old creature’s face lit up in the same goofy,
delighted way watching Dean and Sam as it did watching puppies wrestle
on a soft, green carpet. 

oikay th is is a afofable! reminds osme of elelevphants. they htink we’re just cute silly babies. i lobe the i dea of cas all old and poawfulc and looking at the big badass hutners like hthey’re cute amazing creaqtions

i uust went away for a miniute to read texts and do a post about carey grant and came back and i have no idea what i said up there ^ so i can’t geven fix it. hopefully you get i t.

on that noet we’ll leave the audience waitingt hrough chits clif hangner.

mayaliveblogs: it’s an art form by hexmaniacchoco

Title: It’s an Art Form
Author: @hexmaniacchoco
Word Count:
Link: AO3

An otherwise peaceful morning in the bunker is disturbed when an unexpected guest shows up.

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Liveblogging below the cut 😀

The octopus stretches a long tentacle toward his plate, perturbed at not having been brought one. Those omelettes smell good. 


“It was an octopus,” Cas informs him. He’s still looking at the table with curiosity. 

HEHEHEEEE!! Captain Obvious 😀

“Whatever the reason,” he says, looking between his brother and Cas and
picking up his knife and fork and cutting into the still warm omelette
on his plate, “we’ll figure it out after we eat.” 

Hey, if there’s omelettes around, you need to deal with other shit later. Omelettes first.

Cas in the meantime cuts into his own omelette and finds the same
substance inside. He cuts a piece off and eats it, chewing thoughtfully.
Sam and Dean grimace. 

NO HE DIDN’T!! Heheheeeeee!

“It’s ketchup, Sam…” Dean says around his food, “And… rice?” 

Well, I do love ketchup. And I like rice. So maybe?

“Y-yeah, sounds about right,” Dean mumbles. He fidgets with his hands
and Sam and Cas both give him a look before glancing at each other. 

Hmmmm, what’s up, Dean?

One such closet hilariously had a mop fall onto Dean as the door opened,
causing him to shout and jump backwards, flailing and swatting at the
mop and shouting that the octopus was attacking him. Sam and Cas stood
and laughed as Dean stared in offense at the mop now on the floor in
front of him, arms crossed and his face burning a bright red. 

This is awesome! Poor Dean 😀

Cas drops his inquiry for the time being, as it seems everyone is acting
strangely and no one seems to have any answers, least of all Dean. They
follow the trail of water, and it seems to go down the hall leading to
the bedrooms. They stop at the doorway. Dean turns back to the kitchen. 

So curious! This is kind of reading like an episode! A mini-casefic? YAY!

“The octopus,” Cas translates. “For some reason, Sam said it in Japanese.” 


“Thanks, Cas,” Dean smiles shyly in return, looking up at him through his eyelashes. The sight makes Cas’ heart 胸の中でドキドキするんだ. He can’t seem to stop staring at Dean, who seems to be in a similar predicament. Thankfully Sam is there to help. 


“Oh, thank you, Dean,” Cas mumbles, turning his head down in an attempt to hide the blush. 

All the blushing is so cute 😀

And there the octopus was, not hidden at all but in fact tripled in size
and sitting on Dean’s bed, waving enlarged tentacles all over the place
in an intimidating frenzy. But what bowled over the three of them were
that each of the 八 tentacles had an odd-looking コンドーム on them. A discarded box of Galactic キャップ was lying amidst scattered wrappers at the side of the bed. 

I’m giggling! This is just getting cuter!!

But the panicking octopus reacts swiftly and scoops him up with one of
its giant tentacles, wrapping another one around him for good measure.
The tentacle snakes under his coat and shirt while it coils around him,
until finally the Galactic キャップ covered tip is peeking out from his shirt collar. It wriggles a little further up to cover Cas’ mouth. 

Poor baby!! He’s just an innocent octopus!

ディーンは触手が口の回りにょろにょろしながら “Sammy keep going! I think you’re getting tomphitfff–” と話すことを断つ。蛸はシャームの話すことだけをきっぱり聞きたい。 

That’s why tentacles are useful!


Ooh, nice imagery!

キャスはディーンのまつげとか、多いそばかすとか、くちびるの曲線を目でなぞりふける。指でか、なお良い、キャスの自分のくちびるでか、それらがてら物理的になぞりたいんだ。 彼らの間に益々損減し距離を詰め始めるが、突如
the flower petals stop falling around them and in fact vanish entirely
from the room, and Sam hurriedly opens the door again, causing Dean to
jolt away from Cas by a few feet. Cas turns to look at Sam with
confusion and annoyance, and Sam pauses and looks at him sheepishly. 

That was awesome!!!

Maya’s Rating: 🐙five🐙out🐙of🐙five🐙 plus a 👘
Giggled my way through this! Wonderful timing and use of translations. Would rec. 触手ハイタッチ八!!

mayaliveblogs: you think you can win but you’ll always lose by pugs-cats-bb-8

Title: You Think You Can Win But You’ll Always Lose
Author: @pugs-cats-bb-8
Pairings: None
Word Count:
Link: AO3

Dean gets a lesson in Pokemon and Leo is not to blame.

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Liveblogging below the cut 😀

Leo was supposed to use it to inform Dean of stuff that had been changed instead he used it to prank Dean.

Sounds like a good use of equipment to me! How could you resist?!

“36,200 feet the same depth of Challenger Deep in the Pacific Ocean” Jack proudly told him.

Aww, he’s so proud of himself! And he should be! His Pokemon will be very happy.

Dean was making a sandwich when a very small Crab walked past him. 


Dean went to bathe in in Purell after that Mimikyu has taken to sleeping
in Dean’s room it unnerves him quite a bit “Mimikyu the Disguise
Pokemon Its actual appearance is unknown a scholar who saw what was
under its rag was overwhelmed by terror and died from the shock“ Gideon
told him. 

Dean’s having issues 😀

“You know you should try therapy not alcohol” Gideon told him taking the beer away from him. 

Meh, therapy’s more expensive and time-consuming 😉

Maya’s Rating: 🐙five🐙out🐙of🐙five🐙
Excellent Pokemon crossover/fusion! Lots of cute stuff. Would make art for. Tentacle tickles and kudos!!

mayaliveblogs: niangua river by treefrogie84

Title: Niangua River
Author: @treefrogie84
Word Count:
Link: AO3

The hunt goes poorly. The hunt goes really really poorly.

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Liveblogging below the cut 😀

First of all, excellent use of one-and-done characters to make this even less appealing to people randomly searching for fic to read. Smart 😀

The monster fish-thing

Already this fic is amazing! I’m giggling already!

He hears Tim shout behind him and barely has time to duck before a lit
stick of dynamite flies past him and sinks into the river. 

NOOOOO! We’re killing tentacle monsters? NOOOOO!!

One of the thing’s tentacles shoots out of the water, hardening its tip
into a point, and impales Tim, pushing him backwards and into a tree,
before breaking off the tip and retreating. 

Oh, okay, it’s a tough tentacle monster. WOOHOO!! Gooooo tentacle monster!

Taking his best guess for where the heart lies (it’s catfish-shaped,
therefore has catfish anatomy, right?), he plunges the crystal knife
into the body of the abomination 

Love the deductive reasoning here on fish/monster anatomy 😀

Nothing happens for a long moment, until he decides to just let it rot. 

*cries for tentacle monster*

Reggie winces. “Be quiet, you’re gonna call the cops down on us.” Even
in deep fall, some deer hunter will call the cops if he thinks someone
is getting murdered. 

Heaven forbid the cops come when you’ve got a spike through your lung. Hate it when that happens. Quiet down with that suffering 😉

Condoms. Where the fuck are the goddamn condoms? Eventually, he finds a
red foil package about six inches long and three inches wide. It’s
packaged like a condom at least. Picking it up, he holds it so Tim can
see it. “What the hell is this and where are the fucking condoms?” 

YES LOOK AT THAT PRODUCT PLACEMENT!! And I love the idea of hunters keeping boxes of these creepy-as-fuck things in their first aid kits for just such an occasion!

For a little bit, it looks like it’s going to work. It buys him enough
time to tape gauze over the the parts of the hole that are still
exposed, even complete the seal. The blood isn’t bubbling anymore at
least, and Tim’s chest isn’t bouncing up and down. 

Best field triage ever!

Trembling, Reggie reaches out to check Tim’s pulse, ignoring the bulging
veins. Holding his breath, he waits. And waits some more. And some

Poor Reggie! Ugh. Now I wanna hug him!

Oh, and extra kudos for your notes section. Nice try 😛

Maya’s Rating: 🐙five🐙out🐙of🐙five🐙
Way too short, but awesome creativity in this. Would try bandages. Tentacle slap on the ass.