Title Boundaries
Fandom Supernatural
Category Slash
Rating Adult/Explicit/NC-17
Pairing(s) Dean/Castiel, Sam/Gabriel
Words 4796
Timeline AU Dean & Gabe 24, Sam and Cas 20
This is rape happening in a loving, committed relationship due to miscommunication. You have been warned. Any flames will be deleted.
Non-Con, Dirty Talk, Forced Orgasm, Begging, Crying, Trauma, Virginity, First Time, Handjob, AU, Anal Sex, No Safeword/Unsafe BDSM
Dean, Castiel, Sam, Gabriel
Full Prompt
One morning as they’re waking up Dean and Cas are having a bit of a snuggle, which gets more heated, Dean pulling Cas close and spreading his legs a little. Cas playfully pushing him away, Dean grinning as he heats things up, until Cas tries to stop him properly. Now I don’t mind whether this is non con and Dean completely ignores Cas’s desire to stop and just overpowers him and fucks him anyway or if Dean thinks it’s a game, because they do play like this sometimes. I definitely want Cas saying “no” several times and fighting Dean, but Dean fucking him hard anyway, Cas giving up once Dean is inside him, bewildered and terrified as Dean plows into him. After, Cas is devastated, Dean goes to shower or whatever and comes back and Cas is saying “I told you no,” furious and upset. Maybe Cas calls his brothers and gets them to pick him up only telling them what happened once they’re away from Dean. I don’t mind how it ends, if it’s resolved or not, I just want the scene of Dean/Cas and some of the aftermath.
Summary Fill for an Anonymous Prompt. One morning as they’re waking up Dean and Cas are snuggling. It gets heated, Cas playfully pushing him away until Cas tries to stop him properly. I don’t mind whether this is non-con and Dean ignores Cas or if Dean thinks it’s a game because they do play like this sometimes. After, Cas is devastated, calls his brothers, gets them to pick him up, telling them what happened. I don’t mind how it ends.

A/N: This has been sitting in my folder for almost three months now. I wasn’t thrilled over how the fic went, but this is how it turned out, and instead of the OP getting no fic, at least they’ll get this one.

Alpha House

Title Be an Opener of Doors
Fandom Supernatural
Category Slash, Het, Femmeslash
Rating Adult/Explicit/NC-17
Pairing(s) Dean/Castiel/Gabriel (See List)
Words 167,204 and Counting
Timeline None
Warnings & Tags
A/B/O, Dub-Con, Attempted Non-Con, and a society that views dominance/ranking as something normal, which means violent dominance displays.
Benny, Dean, Gabriel, Sam, Kevin, Lucifer (Nick), Meg, Amy, Ruby, Adam, Mary, John, Pamela, Ellen, Missouri, Bobby, Victor, Anna, Jody, Alastair
All possible combinations of Benny, Gabriel, Sam, Castiel, Kevin, Lucifer (Nick), Dean, Sarah, and Charlie with the main pairing of Dean/Castiel/Gabriel, Sarah/Charlie, John/Mary, Bobby/Ellen, Missouri/Anna, Pamela/Victor, Meg/Jody, Nick/Kevin and a bit of Dean/Impala thrown in.
Full Prompt
AU where houses form packs, there is a dominance battle when a new household is set up, sexual dominance is established. The top only fucks, the bottom (house hole?) only gets fucked, and in between they can play as long as the higher ranking one is the dominant. Dean is part of a pack (at least five people – I’m thinking Sam, Castiel, Gabriel, Crowley, Balthazar, but am open to more/others). When the boys set up house, much to Dean’s surprise he ends up on the bottom. The household planned it, as they all agree he is pretty much made to be fucked. It takes quite a bit of steady training and dominance for Dean to learn his place. Loving punishments – all the boys in the house love him, so he is petted and coddled, but he is also their beloved hole. I want lots of gratuitous sex. The different way each of the boys fuck Dean. The author is free to take it anywhere, but things I can imagine are it’s the job of someone low in the order is to prepare Dean’s ass for fucking every morning, sometimes Dean is just tied up over a breeding bench and fucked, and it is the job of the lower order boys to clean his ass with their tongue between fuckings, cuddles on the couch with Dean impaled on someones cock, Dean just being randomly mounted when one of his cocks gets horny, Dean getting spanked because he is not allowed to touch his cock. He is the hole, and comes from being fucked or not at all, Dean is the only one who gets fucked, they all pander to Dean, but not required. Open to most things. Dean doesn’t like his role, but it fits in the society.
Summary A/B/O AU. Sam, Benny, Dean, Gabriel, Castiel, Kevin, and Nick (Lucifer) are alphas who have recently been appointed as the ruling alphas of the new Palo Alto Alpha House. There are ranks in every alpha house, and though the guys have decided they will be more progressive than some alpha houses, the ranking system is one of the traditions they’ll be keeping.

Sam and Dean aren’t related in this fic. Sam’s parents died when he was young and the Winchesters raised him. There is dub-con, but only in the sense that Dean would rather not be the lowest in ranking and it’s not really dub-con regarding the sex, but please read with caution if you are sensitive to such things. The behavior is normal in this society and part of the A/B/O dynamics.