(Anon about Jensen) yes that, and other things that you may have heard!! A lot of people have said you’re the go-to person for that!!! Could you link me to the post you made? And I wanted to know if there was anything else you have heard or seen regarding that.


Sure! The post is here

In regards to the Meg incident, it was reported that Nicki Aycox said at EyeCon 2008: “Jensen absolutely refused to ‘hit’ Meg in that original Devil’s Trap exorcism. Until Nicki* and Kim convinced him, he outright didn’t find it acceptable to even fake hitting a girl. Nicki’s words were ‘Dude, she’s talking about your momma and she’s a DEMON, of COURSE you’re gonna hit her!” (x)

As for the one about attacking the woman in Skin, I’ll be honest I am having a hard time remembering how I know that. I feel like Jensen said it himself, in fact I’m almost certain he did, at a convention possibly around the 2010 period. Maybe later. But I can’t for the life of me remember which convention or what. It’s just one of those weird facts you know and it always sits in the back of your mind and you’re not really sure when or how you came about knowing this fact. 

I’ll keep looking for the source, it’s gotta be out there somewhere. 

As for anything else I’ve heard, I haven’t really. Nothing is coming to mind. I know Jensen stood camera side while Sara Cunning stripped down during season 7. He stood there so when she walked towards the camera, like she was supposed to, she could walk straight into his arms where he was holding up a robe which he would wrap her in instantly. (Someone help me out, which convention was that he talked about it? It was the one where Jared also talked about kicking everyone off set during a sex scene). 

I grew up in the southwest US.  I can confirm that people here are very… cowboy/cowgirl-ish, and the cowboy way is to take care of your woman and you NEVER. HIT. A. LADY.

Don’t get me wrong.  There are abusive men and there are sleazeballs out here, but especially in Texas, the men are… Holy shit, I can’t even get a guy to hit me.  Seriously.

I’m of the opinion that, as a human being, you shouldn’t hit someone without expecting to get hit back.  If you’re a woman and you haul off and hit a guy, you should be ready to get hit back.

But these cowboys, damn.  They just won’t do it.  They’ll let women get away with a lot.  Too much, in my opinion.  And at times I feel bad for them, but at the same time it’s charming, if that makes sense.

They’ll hold the door for you, call you ma’am or miss, let you go first, open jars for you without complaining, reach for stuff on high shelves for you, reach out and catch you if you fall even if the reason you’re falling is because you’re being an asshole.  And if they even THINK another man is considering hitting a woman, they’ll go apeshit on that man.

Whenever a new guy starts working at my shop, I have to establish by way of my actions that I’m not some damsel in distress who needs saving.  I’m not a bitch about it, but I’m just not the type who likes being coddled.  I don’t flat out tell them, but I’m not gonna sit there and whine until a man comes to fix whatever is wrong.

Oh, and those same men find it very entertaining to watch two women getting into a fight with lots of hair pulling, grunting, straining, etc. 😀