usa and the uk don’t share a border, ya know. did you know that? well, did you?

I was sitting in the doctor’s office waiting room with my mom and dad the other day. My dad turns his phone to me and shows me a picture of a border where there were two flags. One was the US flag and he asked me what the other flag was.

Me: That looks like a UK flag.

Dad: *looks at me like I’m completely insane*  You DO realize the US and the UK don’t share a border.

Me: Yeah, but you showed me a picture with a US flag and a UK flag.

Dad: But they don’t share a border.

Me: Well I don’t know what to tell you. There’s the US flag and I also see the UK flag. However that happened, it did.

Dad: … but they don’t share a border.

Me: I KNOW!!! There has to be some other reason they’re flying those flags right at that spot.

Dad: It’s a picture of a border. Canada and Mexico share a border with us, but that doesn’t look like the Canada or Mexico flags.

Me: I think at least two of the Canadian provinces have the UK flag as part of their flag. Maybe this is the border between the US and one of those provinces.

Dad: Part of the flag. But this looks like the entire UK flag. And I don’t see the Canadian leaf flag anywhere. We don’t share a border with the UK.  Only Canada and Mexico.

Me: *turns toward mom and mimes strangling someone*

Dad: *is too unobservant to realize what I’m doing and continues staring at the picture*