SGA/NCIS & Original Fic


Title: BDSM Universe (podfic available here)
Author(s): Xanthe aka @xanthewalter
Pairing: John/Rodney, Gibbs/DiNozzo, OMC/OMC
Word Count:
600,000 (between all five parts)
Summary: A ‘verse where BDSM is the norm. A series of five fics in chronological order: General & Dr Sheppard, Coming Home, Hiding in Plain Sight, The First Collar, Ricochet.

I’m Reccing This: Because this is probably my favorite fic ever. The world-building is amazing, and beyond that the characters’ voices are a great mix of the characters you know and love tweaked just a bit because of the ‘verse they live in.

There’s tons of great sex, but there’s also plot and relationships and drama and lots of other good stuff.

The last part, Ricochet, is an original fic and you can find a link to buy it on Xanthe’s website.

I’ve read this ‘verse more than once. A lot more than once 😀

I really love HDM fusions, so I’m gonna list some here.  If you’ve never heard of/read anything about this series, I posted trinityofone’s primer on my blog HERE. It’s as much as you need to know to be able to read an HDM fusion (and it’s not very long).  I tried to tag the authors …