I just figured out what it was that tickled me briefly when we had that shot of Sam in the back of the car in 12.01.

It looks like they had to put the back seats down?? It must be a car with three rows of seats based on the number of seat belts we can see on the side. There’s one of those protective mats at the bottom, but otherwise, they actually had to put the seats down. 

Likely the boot/trunk whatever wasn’t large given the configuration of the seats, but think about them trying to put an unconscious Sam into the car and they’re realising this isn’t going to work because he’s just too tall. Eventually the have to put the seats down, which takes even longer, so no wonder Sam’s fully awake, who knows how long it took before they managed this. 

YES! I noticed that myself and giggled when that scene came up! I actually had to rewind because I was giggling too much to hear what they said.

It was probably something like “We’ve kidnapped this gigantic puppy, can you fix him, Mr. Vet?!”

Yes, that’s how the scene went. *nod nod*