@tapnbluesnlindyhopdancer said:
Know what? This gave
me ideas for the next fic I was going to write. It’s gonna be a weird
one involving a spider, and now most likely a spider with barbed legs
& fangs… It’s still in its brainstorm phase, though. No promises on
when it will be posted.                             

I know it’s in the brainstorm phase, but if you write this, would you please tag me? I’d very much appreciate it because I love strange/different stuff like this 🙂

I don’t have any context for this but tag me too. 

@mayalaen @hazeldomain You both will be happy to know that that idea spurred the writing of an outline. So now the outline is nearly fully written, and I’ll start writing this fic soon!


This goes to everybody who posts something weird that they think nobody else will be interested in because of strange content – TAG ME!!!

I don’t care what pairing, and if it’s weird enough I don’t even care what fandom. If it’s so weird you think your followers or friends will kinda nope out of it, that’s right up my alley!