Title: Patience

Pairing: Destiel

Rating: Explicit

Wordcount: 1,518

Notes: always-a-girl Cas pegging pwp for a certain little spider <3

Slender hands wind white rope around pale thighs, up and crossing around her back, stomach, and down again. It’s complicated. Dean’s watched her do it a few times and it’s still mesmerizing. Sitting naked on the edge of the motel bed, he’s got his erection in one hand and a pink jelly dildo in the other.

Cas pauses her work and holds her hand out. Dean passes the toy over and watches her nestle the wide flat base of it against herself, twisting rope around it in some kind of knot to hold it in place before she wraps the rope behind her back again and ties it off.

“Looks good.”

Like an idiot, Dean gives her a thumbs up. He still gets that twisty-tight weirdness in his belly when it comes to this. To getting to see her. Touch her.

She’s an angel of the Lord, for fuck’s sake.

Straightening up, pink cock jutting in front of her, Cas purses pouty lips and tilts her head to the side.

Dean stands, makes a waving motion, “C’mere,” he tells her.

And she listens.

Putting his hands to her shoulders, Dean spins her around. Carefully untangles the knot of her hair, finding the elastic band buried in it somewhere.

Sliding an arm around her waist, Dean pulls her flush, ruts against the small of her back as he untangles the worst of it with one hand.

Cas has a bad habit of stopping mid-sex to undo, then tie her hair back up. It’s perpetually messy, and she never seems to give a damn when it gets in her eyes during a fight, but she has no problems stopping sex when it annoys her.

Fussy angel.

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Are you posting this on AO3? Because I need to gush at you about it. And if I gush here it means I’m writing spoilers in your post, so… *whines*

Fuck it, I’ll put it under a cut.

You made girl!Cas have messy hair!! I love when little things about a character hold over when genderswapped!! And the domme thing she has going on with that quiet intensity is… nggggh!!!

Dean’s arms give out and he drops his face to the mattress. Yeah, no.
She’s terrifying. She’s absolutely terrifying and it’s hot as fuck. 



For the Destiel Kink Dictionary, have you done pegging yet? I just really like the idea of a fem!Dean or fem!Castiel pegging their boyfriend. Maybe with a little D/s thrown in. Please? ^.^



P is for Pegging…


Pegging: Is a sexual practice in which a person-without-a-penis performs anal sex on a person-with-a-penis while wearing a strap-on dildo. There are a fair few varieties of stap-on dildos for this activity (some with attachments, varying textures, nozzles, probes, internal plugs and ability to vibrate/rotate e.t.c) which can pleasure the ‘top’ as well. The main features for pegging are the dildo and the harness, but strapless dildos (held in the vagina or anus) are also suitable and fairly popular.


Despite common misconception, the day after Christmas Day is actually when the real holiday season begins. 

And by season Dean means a week; a full week of Cas home and off work and more than anything jolted up on Christmas cheer. Like some sort of crazy Christmas elf but a whole lot sexier and a whole lot more adorable. Actually— Dean thinks get rid of the Elf thing all together it’s weird, Cas is like one of those chicks who wears the slutty candy cane outfit beneath some sort of trench coat or something. All beige and buttoned up on the outside, all sexy lace and ruffles and a fake Santa beard beneath. 

The beards looks good on her and feels great between Dean’s thighs—anyway, he’s not thinking right, forget the beard.

He can hardly be blamed when he’s lying down on the bed eagerly awaiting his present, one hand with lube slick fingers running feather light over his stomach, his other hand propped up behind his head.  

Cas had said this year was going to be special, getting off her shift at Lawrence General after three, kissing Dean awake on the couch and slipping the small bottle of lube (freshly brought) into his hand. Said she was going to kick this Christmas week off with a bang, which Dean thinks is literal and feel safe in that assumption cos of the lube, Cas’ direction to prep himself and get on the bed. Dean’s a little put out because hell, prepping his ass is no fun alone, but Cas told him to do it and he has. What ever Cas has in mind will be worth it.

Hell, just the sight of Cas in nothing but her harness, strapping her dick on is worth it. As fucking hot as it is funny and Dean can’t help but break out in a grin.

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Hope this is close to what you guys wanted :3

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