Sam has no idea why he agreed to this fantasy, but here he is, waiting for Dean to stick his cock through a hole in the wall. The idea is fucking hot – he’s just not sure how it’s going to play out.

He swallows hard, stroking his own dick. He knows it’s perfectly safe, especially since they’ve set it up in their own home, but the thought of it still sends a ping of butterflies straight to his stomach.

That is, until he hears Dean’s voice, and all his fears are quelled. 

“Hey, baby,” he purrs softly on the other side of the divider. “Looking for a good time? Why don’t you come over here and give Daddy a kiss?”

Sam looks up, and there it is: Dean’s cock, big and leaking, poking through the hole in the wall. He crawls over to it on his knees, nosing at it, pre-come dripping onto his nose. He seals his mouth around the head and kisses it.

“God,” Dean groans. “Such a sweet mouth. You come here ‘cause you need a load, darlin’?”

Sam groans, his mouth still around Dean’s cock. He pulls off, saliva and pre-come dribbling down his lips. “Yeah,” he says. “Yeah, need some come from Daddy.”

“Got plenty for your mouth and hole, sweet boy. Why don’t you finger yourself while you suck me, get yourself ready? Lots of others want a turn. Hope you’re ready to be stuffed full today.”

I need a cold shower now.