I am just deciding what to work on…

1. “I did come round to apologise. I… Castiel has made me
understand that what is going on is not healthy for either of us, and to make
such a decision when you are affected by your heat would be unfair and
unreasonable. I do request that you stay home, Dean, and my only wish is to see
you safe. I will see you on the other side.” 

2. Another moan interrupted him.
Was still excited, Sam corrected himself. He couldn’t feeling a little pissed
off. This was his room too! What the hell was Dean thinking? Part of him wanted
to march in there, throw the door open and demand an explanation. Another part
was a little… intrigued though. They sounded like they were having a good time.

3. And yes. Gordon was rude, arrogant, and Dean would love to
pop him one. And they knew this. The only reason they were having <i>this</i>
burial- which Dad would never have
wanted – was because though he was overage, he was unpresented. Still a minor.
So Dad’s cronies had decided on this elaborate affair. 

4. ‘He thought it would go away. Instead, it sat at the back of his head and niggled. He’d brought it up a few times, but that just resulted in him being well and truly fucked. An outcome he wasn’t complaining about, but he still had no asnwer.

5. Pretentious fucker, Dean thought, as he drummed his nails against the window sill. It was all all a fucking show. But there was something else. Because there was no way this wasn’t personal.

6. Dean’s eyes were dark and deadly, and Gabriel? He just lay back against the sofa, nonchalantly chewing something red.

Anyone see something that interests them?

There is actually a mix of wincest, debriel, wincestigan and sabriel in there. (and that isn’t even all I am working on. God, please let me have enough focus to finish something today!)

I’m sorry… I can’t help you decide because I want them all.

*grabby hands*

You know I’m a sucker for Debriel, so if that’s what #6 is then poooooooossibly I’m leaning toward that one.

But seriously I’d read any of these!