replied to your post “when people send me”

Godzilla noooo

I searched for spit take in the gifs and when Godzilla came up I just KNEW I had to use him.

I was a huge Godzilla fan as a kid. I even had a toy of him that was like 3 feet tall and was very stabby and pointy.

I had a bunch of the movies on VHS. Not the new ones, but the really old dubbed ones. Loved those 😀

Yessss, I was raised watching the old badly dubbed black and white Godzilla vs Mothra on VHS! *high five* I am very fond of Godzilla. I have a little figurine of his classic movie self, fully poseable, super cute:


I wish I still had my stabby/pointy Godzilla but I got rid of him when I was a teenager.

I love how pose-able yours is! And his little claw toes!!