replied to your post “Me: Ya know, TV shows would be much more popular and successful if…”

Dropping in from across the pond to smugly inform you that this is how tv shows are where I live ;P that said, a typical series is like 8 episode long so swings and roundabouts lol.

Shows here used to be like this, and Supernatural was too up until the writers’ strike in Season 3. Since then it’s like they never recovered to a regular day, time, and reliable schedule.

We didn’t have hiatus years ago on shows, and it’s frustrating. I think it hurts a show’s popularity even when they switch the night it’s aired. There are some shows I assume are cancelled, then a year later find out they’re still on!

I do like that we have either 22-24 episodes per season or 12 for some cable shows.

*quietly envies your good scheduling*

9 Things

I was tagged by someone with a wonderful sense of humor. Thanks @pod7et!

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Relationship status: Single

Dogs or cats: Dogs (cats are cute, but I’m allergic to them)

Coke or Pepsi: Neither, I don’t drink soda other than orange soda or ginger ale every once in a while.

Day or Night: Night. I love the nighttime!

Text or Call: I definitely prefer texting. I’ll do pretty much anything to avoid a phone call, including drive to your house to talk to you.

Chapstick or Lipstick: Chapstick

Favourite colour: Dark Purple

Pets: One chihuahua named Aimee.

Wake Up Time: When I’m going into the shop it’s usually 8-10am, but if I’m staying home anywhere from 6am-2pm depending on when I went to sleep.I don’t really have a sleep schedule. I just sleep when I’m tired and even then my average is 4-6 hours.

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