why would you remove the art on their tshirts tho lol


I love the way men look in plain t-shirts and because it’s an edit, meaning I can take that liberty and design it how I want.

The original image isn’t lost to the world- you can easily see what it looks like with the shirt designs by clicking the link, leading to the credit.

I’m not the anon, but I’ve done the same thing – removing stuff from T-shirts and even removing/adding jewelry if I use the real person out of character and put them in a fictional situation.

altarviolence: Font Pack #2 || Because classes are just around the corner and I’m crying. Download:  Archistico || Skinny || DK Meshuggeneh || Peach Sundress || Jellyka Jellyfish || Spring Daisy Please like/reblog this if you find it useful.

okdaryl: Since you liked the Sherlock font pack so much I made a Supernatural one aswell! Unfortunately, typography and text-on-screen is not as significant in this show as it is in Sherlock, but I tried my best. And they’re all free! Supernatural Knight (free) Ghostwriter (free) Keystone State Native (okay this one wasn’t free) Intrique …