I felt like more variety, so made up some more colors, and I also made two below that are different font, button type, and only say Love It! All of these are png file type, 100×100, and have no background, so they will work as userpics/icons, but might not look good when the community or journal uses borders.

Again, please don’t direct link, but feel free to use them wherever you like.


Love it Buttons

Love Button 1-4 are jpg files, they will all work as userpics/icons, and they’ll look best when posting in a community or journal that uses borders around the userpics.

Love Button 5 is a png with no background, but it will work as a userpic/icon. It will look best on a community or journal that doesn’t user borders around the userpics.

The buttons below are all png files, have no background, but they will not work well as userpics/icons as none of them are 100×100. They can be used if you upload them to a server such as your LJ scrapbook, and then put them in a post or comment. Small = 75×75. Medium 150×150. Large 300×300.

Please DO NOT direct link as I tend to shuffle things around in my PhotoBucket account, and I’d hate to screw up posts these were used in.  PhotoBucket is sometimes picky about who it lets see things. If you can’t see these, please let me know.  I’m also considering other buttons with different fonts and colors, so let me know if you’d be interested in that. I may just do them up and post them anyway 🙂