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why are they like thisssssss

Because they’re overly concerned about gender roles even in single-gender fanfiction, coming off as extremely misogynistic, IMNSHO. And that’s probably why I let it bother me a bit.

I get over things like this (and pretty much everything else too) fairly quickly, and mostly I posted the complaint here because I thought others might be amused too.

It made me think of how all the dudes who get prostate checks must be bottoms and doctors are all tops 😉


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I also offer either knuckles or hugs, depending. I…

…I suppose a bro-nod is
also in the cards if all three other ritual forms of acknowledgement are
off the table.                                            
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Dude, the bro nod sounds so cool! I’m not usually very cool, so can we go with the bro nod?

A/B/O Realism



Writing a cockles fic right now where everything is canon EXCEPT Mish Jen are alpha/omega. Like the last two in the world. A/B/O knowledge is almost extinct in this universe and to come out as A/O is somewhat taboo.

Any ideas for plot, stuff that happens, fluff etc? Thank you hive mind!

  • everyone decides to start wearing pigtails because it’s fashionable
  • all the donuts in the world disappear
  • the studio burns to the ground
  • Osric wants to be the B twink between their A/O
  • everyone dies and the story is over
  • Misha cheats on Jensen and Jensen cheats on Misha out of spite
  • Jared invents chewing gum that never loses it’s flavor
  • Misha inherits a fortune, turns an island into an amusement park
  • Jensen’s been reading fanfic and wants to try out a few things
  • Mark Sheppard turns out to actually be a demon/King of Hell
  • Jensen decides to quit and return to his roots as a cheerleader
  • March 22nd is named National Fuck Your Alpha Day
  • Misha cooks a huge dinner and they invite everyone over
  • Jared is injured, so Misha and Jensen take him in to recuperate
  • Misha buys Jensen all the Impalas used on SPN
  • GoFundMe for a sex tape – money goes to charity, it happens
  • Jensen gets a life-size cutout of Misha and fucks talks to it all day
  • Matt gets hiccups that won’t go away unless his shirt it off
  • Richard’s mustache gets up and walks off his face
  • they all participate in a Mario Bros. tournament
  • Briana is a panty sniffer and steals all their panties
  • couples retreat where Misha learns to yodel
  • JDM is their dom-for-hire
  • they buy a dog, but feed it after midnight *poof* GREMLIN!
  • Jensen’s penis shrinks until it’s just a nubbin
  • but don’t worry, Misha loves him anyway
  • the guys play butt bongos on each other for fun
  • they get matching tattoos
  • no seriously send them to my shop for matching tattoos

Feel free to use this as a prompt card for the next @spncoldesthits

#I’m drunk and these still seem ridiculous #well played

Wahey! So am I! *high fives you even though I really fucking hate high fiving people* drunk twinsies!!

Song Shuffle

I was tagged by @felicityismyfilter to shuffle my music and put the first ten songs and tag 10 people. Thank you 🙂

1. Moment – Nate Ruess
2. A Key to Nothing – Mudvayne
3. Southern Smile – Cavo
4. Spit it Out – Slipknot
5. The Kill – 30 Seconds to Mars
6. Rio Bravo – cKy
7. Brutal Love – Green Day
8. Only the Young – Brandon Flowers
9. Shallow – Porcupine Tree
10. I Don’t Love You – My Chemical Romance

I’m tagging @bendoverandbiteyourgag @dreamsfromthebunker @castiel-knight-of-hell @sheltered-ghost @rieraclaelin @smightymcsmighterton @majesticduxk @shipperslist @theboykingsbrokencrown @gravyboot

And anyone who wants to play!