replied to your link “Octopus Sculpted Ceramic Serving Bowl”

I love it! ….yesterday I realized I had to get a octopus tattoo and even got a vague idea what I want…yet another addition to my overlong list of tattoos I want and can’t afford yet. 😉 (it’d look kinda like this octo which is why I thought of it now)

YES!! You should totally do it! 😀

One of these days I’m going to get a Day of the Tentacle tattoo. It was a computer game I kind of obsessed over. It came out in 1993, and I played it all the way through a number of times, including another time just last year when I got a DOSBox (a DOS emulator) to play it on my computer.

dI still can’t decide if I want Purple Tentacle (the evil character) or Green Tentacle (the good guy) or both of them on me.

If I got just Purple Tentacle, I’d go with this pose because the ray gun is adorable.