I feel like the only person that’s grossed out by people using their utensils to share food with their dogs..and then continue to use their utensils. Like mid eating they give their dog a bite, dog slobbers all over the fork/spoon, then they use said fork/spoon to take another bite themselves.

No, you’re not. That’s a big nope.

I feel so much better now! I’m watching the Debbie Reynolds/Carrie Fischer documentary and both of them (but mainly Carrie) are just casually sharing their souffle with their dogs and I’m like blehhh

Nooooo!! Nope. NO. Uh-uh.

That and also when they put their face up to their dog’s face and let the dog slobber all over their lips like it’s a cute kiss or something. I knew someone who let their dog lick peanut butter out of the jar, then closed it back up and put it back in the cupboard – it was the family peanut butter jar.

That tongue was deep in dog ass or licking cat shit in the back yard two seconds ago. NOPE.