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Do you ever have those plot bunnies that have been with you for
YEARS? Maybe that fic you go back to every once in a while but never can
pull together? Even when it’s something with such an obvious plot that
you should’ve had it finished five years ago? Because I have those.

mean, I’m sure it’s been done, it’s such a good fit. Dexter going after
escaped cons Sam and Dean, with their fake IDs and faked deaths.
Bonding over hunting monsters and kind of being a monster. Various daddy
issues, and how did I not even think of this until now, but the
ASTOUNDING amount of sibling drama between Dexter, Dean, Deb, Sam, and
BrianRudy. Vampire-beheadings mistaken for serial killing. Serial
killing mistaken for hunting. Dexter just being a lying liar who lies to
everybody. So much shadiness! Ugh I thirst for the amount of suspicion
and tension that would go on in a Dexter/SPN crossover.)

Yet I still haven’t satisfied my own thirst.  Such a shame. :/  I don’t deserve salsa. I deserve to eat my chips dry.


#plot bunnies

#the epitome of ‘i don’t want to write this fic i want to read it’

#i can’t even imagine the kind of crack fic you could write for a Dexter crossover if you took it there though

#something with chattering teeth and lucifer maybe

@haelblazer. Yes, I have a number of plot bunnies like that 😀

But… but there hasn’t been any really good meaty Dexter/SPN crossovers! I’ve looked for YEARS! Which is why I replied to your post. I’ve been putting prompts up on the SPNKinkMeme, hoping to even get some good smut, but nothin’!

I probably should just write it myself one of these days, but I’m so worried what I’ve got in my head won’t be good once it spills out. And like you said, it’s one of those fics I wanna read, not write.

I really like Dexter, and the dynamics of Supernatural crashing into the Dexter ‘verse just… nnngh hell yeah! Mostly I think of smut – rough sex and darkness and blood and hunter clashing with “hunter” and… I’ll stop drooling now. But I also love casefic and would never turn down a fic just for lack of smut.

I’ve never really found good Dexter fanfic anyway, which is disappointing, so I haven’t had too much hope for a crossover. Ugh, now I wanna watch Dexter again 🙂

haelblazer: mayalaen: Spitzenstoff von einer Hexe by haelblazer “You don’t think you’re maybe overreacting a little bit here?” Dean spread his arms wide and dipped his head to gesture at his newly transformed attire. What had once been blue jeans, a black shirt, and green plaid over-shirt, now blended together in layers of baby pink …