Cute headcanon that if Sam and Gabriel were to have a bond like Dean and Cas (handprint), Gabriel’s mark would be curled around Sam’s hipbone, unyieldingly possessive. Funny headcanon is that instead of that, Sam now has a handprint on his ass (bc Gabriel is a little shit), which Gabriel takes to smack playfully whenever Sam walks past him. “Self-highfive for landing a hot piece of ass!”



christ on a bike, yes. like, y e s. 100% this right here.

sam would jolt everytime he does because it sends a bolt of pleasure down between his legs through the influence of that little mark that gabriel put on sammy when he claimed him. And sam snaps at him for being a cocky bastard but he secretly like really enjoys the hell out of it.

i think im gonna die

When Sam first saw the hand print on his hip that matched the type of hand print on Dean’s arm he was shocked. He had no idea, or at least, no solid idea about the angel that put it there. There was an inkling in the back of his mind as to who it could be, but he couldn’t be sure. After all, he was dead. 

He and Dean were back to back, fighting too many demons to count. One stabbed in the ribs to the left, another knocked unconscious to the right, three more descending on them from above. He was struggling to breathe, chest rising and falling hard as he fought for a spare moment to get enough oxygen in him. He knew Dean was the same behind him and he needed something to happen, something different, something that would help. 

He heard a shout from behind him, Dean, telling him to ‘watch out!’ and he spun, the knife prepared, clashing against the demon’s own. He grunted, winded by the weight of the other man and he stumbled backwards. Before he could even think, think about how to regain the footing he was about to lose, or about how he was going to get rid of this demon, he felt an arm come around his back, a hand pressing to his hips, fingers curling around the bone to exactly mimic the placement of the hand print. He looked down and to the side, a mop of golden hair greeting him. 
  “I got this.” A voice muttered before the arm was gone, a sweet tingling sensation being left behind over the mark. 

As it turned out, Gabriel was not as dead as Sam had thought he was. This prompted a rather pissed off Sam to slam a few doors and turn to shout at Gabriel, demanding to know how and why he just left them on their own, especially after he marked Sam. They argued it out, ending in Gabriel wrapping his arms around Sam and getting the taller man sob into his shoulder because Gabriel was actually back, he was okay. For the first time that Sam could remember, someone he loved hadn’t died on him.

Dean wasn’t sure how to feel about Gabriel being back, because sure Sam was happier, and he found the person who’d left the mark on his hip, but at the same time did Gabriel have to smack the second hand print on his ass all the time?