Cold Feet


Hannah stared in the mirror, breathing
slowly in and out. She couldn’t stop the nerves that were running
through her. Her hand automatically smoothed the front of her white
dress, stormy-coloured eyes critically studying it for any
imperfections. It was beautiful. Anna’s mother had designed it
specifically for her, a wedding gift. Anna was wearing her mother’s
wedding dress. This day had been planned for over a year and it all
came to this, now.

Hannah was terrified.

Anna was her first love, but she was
not Anna’s. It didn’t bother her; she knew full well that Anna loved
her and had left the past in the past. Hannah loved her, too. They
had bonded in college over shared classes, put up with the teasing of
their almost matching names, and fallen for each other over
milkshakes at the Shaky Shack. Hannah adored Anna.

It was the marriage part that was
making her go cold. Forever was a big thing to promise and while she
would willingly give every second to Anna, she knew that sometimes
things didn’t work out. Her side of the family would have her mother
and older brother, Gadreel. Though both were religious, neither
shared her father’s assertion that her love was a sin. It made
everything tense. Why couldn’t he be happy for her? Walk her down the

Hannah was shy. Anna was more
confident. Hannah was religious. Anna believed in love. But Anna
brought Hannah out of her shell and kept her involved. And Hannah
tethered Anna, provided balance.

What if Hannah wasn’t a good wife? What
if her dad hated her forever and it tore her parent’s marriage apart
because her mother was supporting her? What if she tripped and fell
on her face in front of everyone?

A knock distracted her from her
thoughts. “…Yes?” She said as calmly as she could.

“Hannah? Can I come in?” Gadreel’s
voice came through the door.

“Yes.” She smoothed out more
invisible wrinkles from her dress. The door opened and Gadreel
stepped in, shutting the door quietly behind him.

“You look beautfiul.” He said after
a moment, coming to stand beside her. His suit was done up to
perfection, red tie straight and matching cumberbund in place. “So
why are you hiding? It’s almost time to walk down the aisle.”

Hannah’s lips pressed tightly together
as her hands fluttered. Gadreel caught them. She cleared her throat.

“Leave Father to us. His issues
aren’t ours, we can make our own choices. We choose to be here for
you.” She nodded jerkily, like a puppet whose puppeteer isn’t sure
how to make her move right.

“What if- I love her so much, but-”

“Han.” Gadreel tugged her to turn
and face him. “You love her. She loves you. Do you want to be with
her?” As usual, he was as practical as Hannah and she nodded. “Then
that’s all you need to know.” He gave her a small smile and she
returned it before leaning into the hug he gave. “It’s time to go.
If you’re ready?”

Hannah straightened and caught herself
before brushing at her dress once again. She slipped her arm through
his and he opened the door, leading her out to the aisle. He paused.
“Now or never.” Hannah looked down the aisle and saw Anna at the
end. She looked stunning with her red hair up and her white dress
clinging like a toga around her lithe body.

Hannah smiled widely. “Now.”

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