When hannibal said ‘going my way’ it was a joke/pun?? I didn’t get it 😂





It’s a horrible but effective pick up line (because of course they’re going the same way and of course Hannibal cannot let a golden moment like this slip away without saying something). It’s also a reference to the romantic/adult film scenario of driver picking up attractive hitchhiker and they proceed to find love together/have a night of passion on the side of the road. 

Also, you can see in Will’s face that he’s going ‘I love you and your jokes are literally an abomination and I still somehow love you, you giant nerd’ as if Hannibal’s sense of humor is worse than the murder/general atrocities he’s committed. 

So, it’s really a prime example of Hannibal outright flirting with Will and Will making peace with the fact that this is the man, bad pick up lines and all, he’s chosen to spend his life with.

YES. YES TO ALL. ABSOLUTELY. o/  And also, if one wanted to read it that way (and I’m a terrible person who likes to make themself feel feelings so I will), you could see Hannibal’s use of humour as a deflection. I mean he is clearly confident and happy bouncy murder bol (just killed all the guards! free! on a spree! with bae!) but there’s still the *possibility* Will might not choose him somehow, leave him again, refuse to commit, suddenly turn out to have a hidden agenda (omg there’s form there) generally NOT GO THAT WAY WITH HANNIBAL. 

So Hannibal could say ‘oh my beloved caterpillar teacup, when the sun rises a new day is born is our new day born anew like the tears of the stars in the abyss?’ or whatevs, but that would be being SRS that would SHOW THAT HE CARES that would DEMONSTRATE THAT WILL GOING HIS WAY IS THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT FUCKING DEFINING MOMENT OF HIS LIFE and so….

…he makes a terrible terrible joke. Like. Chill. Like. No big deal. Like. We could get married right now and exchange blood in an eternal pact, or like I could drop you at the nearest interchange if that’s easier, like, all good. *Hannibal sweating intensifies*

Hannibal: *tries to play it cool and have some semblance of chill for the first time since meeting Will*

Will: *is not remotely impressed and can see Hannibal for the big sappy dork he really is*

Hannibal: *proceeds to lose every scrap of chill ever*

You should know that “oh my beloved caterpillar teacup” is my new favorite way of referring to Will Graham.



Okay fannibals i got a question about will and his glasses

Is there any logic behind the way he is wearing it? Like sometimes he’s wearing it Sometimes he does not and i cannot see any pattern behind it. Has anyone else ever wondered or has an explanation?

to avoid eye contact 📽️

if he doesn’t he feels more self confident, or you’re in trouble. 😂

I wore glasses as a kid/teenager, and when I stopped wearing them, I had to adjust to feeling so raw, open, and vulnerable.

I have sensory issues, and I know Will does too. When you’re an extremely private person and there’s anything you can put between you and the vicious people and world out there, it’s a comfort, builds self-confidence, and is a protection of sorts.

Take notice IRL and in shows/movies. If a character has glasses and also anxiety, a lot of times they’ll fidget with the glasses somehow.

I have no idea if this is what they were going for in the show, but it’s what I assumed when watching.