rewatched hannibal 3×05-3×09

Watched them last night while still coming down from the gummies. I know this show has a calming effect on me, but I always forget just how much. I melt into the chair.

My mom was typing last night, but she came out to relax in her chair while I was on 3×08 and she moaned as she walked into the room because she already KNEW what was on and she LOVES the show and feels relaxed when it’s on too.

I’m not sure how many times I’ve seen the series, but it still doesn’t get old 😀

psychoanalyzeme: heat [ hiːt ]a cycle an omega goes through every three months. omega will be in a constant state of arousal; hormone goes wild. if sexual quota is not met, it can be uncomfortable and unpleasant. the alpha can smell the omegas when in heat, and, thus, know their wanton states. @whataboutthefish