Just had a guy I’ve been friends with for about six years, apologise to me for harassing me by his excessive flirting.

As a result of #MeToo.

Now, this has all come as a shock to me, as I never knew he was doing that. I’m on the aromantic side of things a bit, and find it real hard to tell when people are flirting with me.

So I’ve told him all this. I said I accept his apology, but that he never caused me distress.

I’ve offered to still be friends.

But yes: I’m flirting blind.

I think he might be a bit shocked.

A lot of flirting goes over my head too. Friends/family have to tell me when someone is flirting unless the person is SUPER obvious about it or flat out tells me they’re interested. I never connected it to the aromantic thing, but I guess it fits. I also couldn’t care less about catcalling or other stuff like that.

And now that you told this story, I wonder if there were guys who were harassing me and I didn’t even notice because I just saw it as asshole behavior and gave it right back to them. Because that’s what I do – give things right back to people and have a blast doing it.

I also find it kinda funny that the dude was shocked. Like he’s now going “oh, damn, my assholery didn’t land?!” Jerk.