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Prompts: open



So, since I’ve got a bit of response to the post where I asked if anyone would have been interested in me taking prompts, I’ve decided to do it. 

I’m officially taking prompts!

Now, it’s my first time doing it, so be patient with me. 


Open: Monday to Wednesday 

Closed: Thursday to Sunday

Since Uni keeps me really busy, I’ll take prompts only three days a week for now. I won’t take requests for the rest of it, and will use that time to answer your messages. If Uni is particularly demanding – ex. an exam’s in a week – I might shut down requests for more than four days to fill your prompts properly. 

What can you expect 

A story between 500 – 1000 words.

It may be longer, but to be safe don’t expect it. I know my limits and I’m kind of a slow writer (one of the reasons why I’ve decided to do this).

What I will write


  • Supernatural 
  • Marvel – Captain America + Avengers 
  • Suits
  • Harry Potter

If you’d like a fandom which is not listed here, try and ask. I might be able to write it anyway. 


I’m open to pretty much everything, with only a few exceptions! You’ll find them below, under “What I won’t write”.

I do have more experience with writing Destiel, and a little of CainDean and Wincest, for Supernatural, Stucky (and I started to write two Bucky x Peggy x Steve stories) for Marvel, and Marvey for Suits, but I’ve read about many other, and I’m read to write them, too, both pairings and poly-ships.


Again, pretty much everything. 

What I won’t write

Please keep in mind that all these things are fine to read and write, I just personally have issues with or simply don’t like them. 

  • non-con/dub-con (roleplay doesn’t count)
  • graphic torture
  • abusive relationship represented as healthy 
  • infidelity 
  • extreme underage (I consider it under 15 if both parties are under 18, and under 17 if one of the parties is over 18)
  • parent/offspring sexual/romantic relationships, which includes parent figures as well
  • kinks: scat, vomit play, infantilism 

I’ll write heavy emotional situations, and even MCD, but with moderation, meaning that if I get four asks with this kind of content, I’ll write two and pospone the others to the next week or even the week after that. I’ll warn you if it happens anyway. 

Everything else is good! If you send me a prompt which includes something that I won’t write, because you were uncertain if that thing fell under any of the previous topics or because I forgot to list it, don’t worry! I’ll simply let you know and you can change your request. So if you don’t know if something is okay or not, send it anyway, the worst that can happen is that you’ll have to think of something else.  


They must include which character/s, ship/s, rating (and kinks and squicks) you want, and at least vaguely what you want to happen. Please make it detailed!

Unfortunately I can accept NSFW requests if you’re over 18 only! I can’t check obviously so I’ll trust you guys.  

For references, you can find example of my writing here and here


I’m tagging those who liked the post where I talked about taking prompts first to let them know, sorry if I’m bothering you! Please tell me if I am!

@mity64 @amazing-spn @dearsweetanon @nella311 @paranoidblue @greenfirefist@destielforever67

You’re under no obligation to answer or send prompts, it’s literally to let you guys know, you can ignore this and I won’t be offended.

I’m also tagging @enbycupcake​, @magicandmalice​ and @mayalaen​ BECAUSE I CAN MUAHAHAHAHAHA but the same stands for you as well, I’m a chill little bee.  

Woohoo!!! I’ll have to come up with some stuff 😀

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