So Ive been getting a shit ton of hate by antis because Im not only a destiel shipper but a sastiel fan as well They say I cant like both but while destiel is my otp sastiel has a soft place in my heart and its gotten to the point where Im being called a fake fan (1/2)




Most of these antis are anticas and theyre saying Im forcing the characters into a relationship with this “minor character who means nothing to the plot” but really Im just smiling at the good the show gives us. Ive never gone out to ship the actual actors because I respect them as people but these characters are fictional. I don’t get all the hate. Sam Dean & Cas arent even real so I can ship whatever I want, right? Apparently not according to them. I’m sorry I vented I was just really sad(2/2)

I’m sorry hun, that sucks. Just take solace in the fact that it’s not YOU. Whenever I’ve seen an anti blog it is full of hate for a bunch of different things, if it wasn’t Destiel/Destiel fans/Sastiel/pro Misha whatever it would be something else!

It’s not your fault it’s them, they are the ones with the hate in their heart whilst you are enjoying yourself, not hating on people, enjoying a nice story and positive things. Don’t let their hatred seep into your life.

If they’re anti Cas then they are literally anti good things and anti nice things for Dean and Sam as he is their family who they love, Cas represents so much good in the world narratively, humanity at it’s best and literally represents the sunshine so…

You go be a sun yourself 🙂

Hey lil anon cupcake, there’s lots of us out here that love Cas and multiship!

Check out @samanddeaninpanties @majesticduxk @kansaskissedlips and me :))

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I’m gonna add @mayalaen @hazeldomain @omgbubblesomg @oddsocksandstuff @jhoomwrites @archofimagine @purgatoan @justanothersaltandburn

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More multishippers!

Sorry you’re getting hate, nonnie. It’s silly and stupid, but it doesn’t seem to be a problem that’s going away. Surround yourself with awesome people. Everybody has listed some great blogs.

I consider myself a panshipper. I will ship anyone with anyone, so keep an eye out for multishippers and panshippers because we’ll totally squee with you no matter who you’re shipping 🙂