I was on a models instagram and she was in a bikini and someone in the comments wrote “I eat kfc everyday how bout you toothpick?” …..stfu??? they are models not punching bags. and thats not even an accomplishment AND thats not even a smart remark. Honestly leave models alone she looked perfectly healthy. some people are made that way

When I was a kid I had a friend who was REALLY skinny, and she ate (I swear) 2-3 times as much food as me yet she was half my size (maybe even less than half).

She loved tacos, and she could eat 6-7 at a time when I could only eat 2-3. She and her mom loved to make a snack out of a bag of brown sugar. They’d stand in the kitchen, ball it up, and eat it right there. The entire bag!

Another favorite snack was to cut cream cheese into sticks and roll it in ham. They’d each eat a block of cream cheese and about 8 slices of ham for a meal.

She was having trouble because she kept losing weight until her mom started making each of them a huge chocolate shake every night to eat along with their dinner.

I just always think of her whenever somebody flips out on a “too skinny” model about not eating.

And yes, that comment was ridiculously stupid. He could’ve come up with a much better burn.