Is there a word for anti-shipping something? Like you love a hatred so much that you ship it? (Think: Professor McGonagall/Umbridge). If no one has named this phenomenon yet then can I suggest… Feudian Ship?

I see what you did, and I face palmed

My favorite aspect of Dean/Meg is that Dean just… has this thing about her (hate but also fascination? kind of? and an almost-appreciative thing for some of the things she’s done for them?), and I think it would make for awesomely intense hatesex.

I’ve read some really good fic that’s Sam/Dean/Meg and Sam/Dean/Ruby where Sam has a regular relationship with one of the girls (mostly Ruby) and a casual Sam/Dean thing going on, but then Dean kinda stumbles into the whole Dean/Meg or Ruby thing and is pissed but hey it’s sex but ugh she pisses him off and is smirky while they’re fucking (especially Meg) and… YES PLEASE!!

I also like various Lucifer, Crowley, and Abaddon ships for this same reason.

Rodney McKay in the Stargate Atlantis fandom was REALLY fun for this. Such an abrasive personality, yet he’s got this magnetism, so shipping him with people (even John) who are both annoyed and turned on by him is really fun.

Feudian Ships are definitely a favorite of mine, and I love that I now have a name for them 😀