I have a headcanon…

So you know how Cas can feel things’ energy,  alter people’s thoughts and (at least at one point) move things with his mind?

Well, what if he used some combination of those powers to listen to the mixtape that Dean made for him,  simply by holding it? All Cas has to do is touch the cassette with his fingertips,  and suddenly– all Dean’s favorite songs are playing through his head.

So he’ll keep the gift in his pocket,  ready– waiting for the moments when things feel truly bleak,  and that’s when he’ll press his palm against the plastic and listen, smiling softly to himself,  knowing that this one thing is his and his alone.

It’s something he actually gets to keep. 

vital SPN question




Here is the question that was haunting me on my walk today: what do Sam and Dean do with their garbage at the Bunker? Do they have a due, proper, legal permit sticker for the town dump? Do they have magical curbside recycling? Are they dumping stuff in the woods and/or putting it in in some unused corner of the lower levels of the Bunker? Do they have a supernatural garbage compactor Beast somewhere in the depths of their home? Please let them have a garbage compactor Beast. Please let Cas have long, philosophical conversations with it in the small hours.

(Sam worries about the plastic sacks but it seems to swallow them quite happily)

(Cas does, as suggested, seem to find it a rewarding interlocutor)

(Dean nicknames it Meatloaf)

Almost choked on my coffee 😂😂😂😂😂





i wonder if magic is real, but only in a really mundane way.

when i was little i could almost inerringly switch back to disney channel right as the ads ended when i was channel surfing.

maybe youve never accidentally crushed a ladybug underfoot. maybe your microwave popcorn never burns. maybe you can spin around lots and lots of times before you get dizzy.

is that magic??

honestly im not sure if these are magic or just small, invisible skills. im not sure which i like better.

My ankles never twist.  I’ve always been rather active, I did track for five years (all the running events), and one time while running I stepped in a hole, lost my shoe, and landed sprawling about five feet away.  I pulled my shoe on and kept running.

I have a coworker who somehow makes better coffee than everyone else even though the grounds come pre-measured and all you have to do is load them up and push a button.  I have a friend who has inch long nails that never break.  My brother can copy origami just by looking at the finished product and my mother can do the same with knots.  I knew a guy who never made an error when typing.

Maybe we all have little magics, the kind that you don’t realize you have.  Just tiny things that make your life slightly better but are completely unnoticed on the outside.

this is the cutest post i have ever read…

Nooo I’ve actually shared this theory before. Like my Dad is really lucky finding parking spaces. And I’ve never cracked my phone even though I drop it on the time and have an average case. Like what if everybody gets one trivial part of their life that they’re illogically lucky at?

I don’t get brain freeze. I’ve tried to eat ice cream and slushies really fast because I want to know what it feels like, but my mouth just gets cold, no brain freeze.




Werewolves are stereotyped as ravenous monsters because the transformations burn so many calories that they’re essentially starving afterwords. The more “controlled” werewolves are just the ones who figured this out and loaded up on calories beforehand, whereas the “wild” ones assume it’s part of their wolfish nature to hunt and eat whatever’s nearby.

The transformation back burns calories too, but by that point they’re exhausted from running around in the woods all night, not to mention the physical strain of two transformations. And filthy people showing up at Denny’s in the early morning are assumed to be hungover, so the ravenous beast idea is applied only to the wolf half.



i have needs

I’m really hoping that the re-introduction of Mary Winchester will result in spanking fics. Like… I have a NEED.

Sam didn’t realize it at all, but Dean had a little bit of a recollection of how loving, but also how strict his mom was.

And Sam throws a fit over something or Dean swears or Sam lies or Dean makes a snarky comment or…

“I know your father raised you better than that. Get over here.”


*sits down on the edge of the bed* “I’m going to count to three. You don’t want me to make it to three”

Dean and Sam share a wide-eyed “bwuh?” expression.