schizophrenic Castiel headcanon


  • Always. Wears. The. Same. Outfit. no matter what the weather’s like
  • never seems to get pop culture references
  • until he slays you with a dry sarcastic bURN!
  • but it doesn’t even look like he gets his own joke
  • prefers quiet one-on-one conversations or small groups
  • blank or minimally-expressive face
  • resting seriousintense face
  • Angel Radio (yeah sure he SAYS it’s what all angels hear)
  • socially awkward is an understatement
  • personal space issues – he’s either inappropriately close or inappropriately far away while speaking to you
  • blunt and at times overly honest
  • time means very little to him
  • odd posture
  • has he EVER taken a shower?
  • sneaks up on people without meaning to and can’t understand why he’s startled them
  • either he doesn’t look at you or he looks INTO YOUR SOUL
  • rarely smiles
  • never sleeps
  • he’s totally speaking “Enochian” and not word salad or a made-up language only he knows
  • VERY easily recognizes patterns and symbols
  • empathy? nope. compassion? YES! But only those who deserve it.
  • is convinced his actual size is comparable to the Chrysler building

schizophrenic headcanons

I keep seeing aut*stic headcanon posts that are so awesome and charming and such great representation, and I wanted to try that, only with schizophrenia.

But when I started thinking about all the characters I headcanon as schizophrenic, they’re all evil or horribly dysfunctional or completely unlikable and that’d be awful representation.

But I still kinda wanna do it, because the features of each character that make me headcanon them as schiz are the same things that make me really like the character and almost seem like a redeemable quality. Or at least a quality that draws me closer to the character.

(I used the * because I don’t want to muddy up the tag with my ramblings)