new fic: losing track

Written for @spnpolybingo
Title: Losing Track
Pairing(s): Samandriel/Jody/Alex/Claire
Word Count: 860
Rating: R/Mature/Semi-Explicit
poly relationships, ABO AU, omega!Samandriel, foursome F/F/F/M, pegging, knotting, heat/mating cycles
@spnpolybingo Square: Samandriel
Link: AO3


It’s times like these when he knows he shouldn’t be living on his own.  
Not when there are three women who go out of their way to help him
through his heats.

He was shaking by the time he made it to their
door.  He knocked, but the sound was too much, and he yelped, reaching
up to cover his ears.  So that’s how the girls found him – curled up
into a ball on their front porch, tears running down his cheeks and his
hands cupping his ears.

“Let’s get him inside,” Jody said.

didn’t want to open his eyes, but he could smell each of them.  Sweet
and heavy and so fucking good he whimpered.  He knew it was dangerous to
wait so long, but pride always stopped him from making it a regular

“Okay, we’ve got you,” Alex said, and he sighed as fingers
ran through his hair, pulling his baseball cap off and unbuttoning the
shirt he’d worn for too long.

“Sorry,” he whispered.

“Nothing to apologize for,” Claire said with a snort.

“We missed you,” Alex said.

they had him undressed, the lights in the room lowered until he could
open his eyes, and then they were on the bed with him, naked and
beautiful and kissing him like they hadn’t seen him in years instead of

Slim, slick fingers pushed inside his asshole, and he
cried out into Jody’s mouth.  They held him down so he wouldn’t hurt
himself, none of them touching his cock yet because it was way too
sensitive.  His balls heavy and throbbing in time with the ache in his

“Relax,” Claire said, and now he could tell it was
Claire’s fingers inside him.  She was always a little more rough with
him than Jody or Alex, and he liked it.  He wanted them to own him and
hold him down and make the world right again.

Samandriel opened
his eyes, smiling when he saw Jody pulling the harness up her legs and
buckling it into place.  It was long and thick and had a gloriously big
knot at the top.  He couldn’t wait to have it inside him.

wiped him down with a damp washcloth, kissing each bit of skin she wiped
while Claire shifted him on the bed, putting a pillow beneath his lower
back as Jody lifted his legs and bent him almost in half.

Oh!” Samandriel cried out as Jody started to shove that big, thick cock
inside him.  "Yes!  Please, J-Jody, please!  Oh, please!“

were the only ones he trusted to take care of him, and even then he had
to be almost dead on his feet to ask this of them.  They never
complained, always welcomed him with open arms, and insisted he stay
long after the flame of his heat was over.  Yet he still had trouble
coming back to them before he was desperate.  He knew it was a matter of
pride, but it didn’t change the fact that showing up on their doorstep
asking for a weekend of sex felt like manipulation even though it

"We want you here, sweetheart,” Jody said as she bottomed
out, filling him up just right and finally, finally touching his cock
now that he had something inside him.

“I’m sorry,” he said again.

you say sorry one more time,” Claire said, reaching down to tug on his
balls just the way he liked it, “we’re going to tie you up and keep you
in our basement.  We won’t let you out until you see just how much we
love having you around.”

“Yeah,” Alex said dreamily, “can you imagine what it would be like if he lived here with us?”

The idea was foreign to Samandriel.  He’d never been wanted.  Never fit in.  But Alex wasn’t just patronizing him.

Jody smiled down at him as she fucked him.  "Say it again, Alex.“

Alex cupped his face and forced him to look her in the eye.  "I want you here.  We want you here permanently.”

“Let’s not make him give us an answer when he’s in the middle of a heat,” Claire said.

shook her head.  "I’m not.  I wouldn’t do that.  I know he’s in no
condition to make big decisions.  I just want him to know that we would
give almost anything for you to stay here with us.“

Claire leaned down and kissed his lips, then pulled back.  "We all feel the same way, Mr. Weiner Hut,” she said with a smirk.

laughed for the first time in days.  Felt good for the first time in
months.  For the first time since he’d left them the last time.  He
shook his head, feeling silly for not having realized it sooner.

“Sorry,” he said, but this time he was smiling.

make a commitment right now,” Jody said.  "Right now we just want to
make you feel good.  Get my big knot in you so I can feel you hanging
off it.  That tight little hole of yours is so hungry for it.“

moaned, closing his eyes as the girls kissed and licked and touched and
fucked.  He lost track of time.  Lost track of everything but them.  
Lost track of why the fuck he thought living with them was a bad idea.

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