Since you’re an expert i have a question: do hellhounds have a sould? I mean, they would be like twited dogs, right? Do you think dogs can turn into ghosts? Thanks and have a nice day!


Well, they’re animals, created by God (not monsters, which were created by Eve) so I’d put them in the same sort of category as dogs.  That said, I suppose the answer to that depends on whether or not animals have souls.

That said, I don’t think dogs can become ghosts.  In order for that to happen, they’d need to be unwilling to move on after dying.  Now, I think pretty much any dog who loves their owner would be in that boat, which means hardly any dog would ever move on, resulting in a metric ASS TON of dog ghosts.  Seeing as we’ve never seen any, ever, I have to conclude dogs can’t become ghosts.

That said, dogs totally have an afterlife of eternally good days with all the walks, fetch, ear skritchies, treats, snuggles on the couch, and squirrels to chase.  And yes, hellhounds also absolutely get that.  Souls or no souls, they’re heckin’ good puppers and they deserve all the good things.

But… what if we’re wrong about how puppers think? I mean yes they may be really loyal and want to stay with their owners and not move on, but what if there’s no dog ghosts because puppers are just really chill with the afterlife and moving on? They hope their owner finds a new pupper to love and of course they’ll miss their owner, but they’re ready to run through doggy afterlife fields and chase balls of lightening!

And Hellhounds totally are good puppers. They’re just doing their job, so they get happy afterlife too 😀

picsthatmakeyougohmm: hmmm okay but I kinda wanna headcanon this as what hellhounds look like when they’re excitedly running around after being told they’re a good pupper for killing a human that sold their soul to a crossroads demon ten years ago