It’s what you’ve all been waiting for!!! The @spncoldesthits November Challenge was brought to you by the mods. We needed a filler month while switching to the new schedule, so we revived an oldie but goodie with Forbidden Titles! Everybody was given a list of silly titles to choose from, and they could use them …


“Yes, Kaia, we do need all this stuff,” replied Claire, adding
the crowbar to their cart. “I thought I’d lost you once.  I’m not gonna
lose you again.”

Allow me to promo to you all the short and sweet outsider POV fic that is Melee Hunters, by @thayerkerbasy​.  (Also tagging @spncoldesthits.)

Claire and Kaia have some shopping to do if Kaia is going to be a hunter.

Rating: T

Words: 540

Liveblogging and review under the cut!

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I’m going to be liveblogging @pugs-cats-bb-8‘s fic “You Think You Can Win But You’ll Always Lose”!

Dean gets a lesson in Pokemon and Leo is not to blame.

First liveblogging comment: That was an unexpected summary, lol. I look forward to reading all the turns I’m sure this fic will take! 🙂

Tagging @spncoldesthits in this first post because hopefully this helps the promo escape the apparent gravitational pull the Tumblr void has on posts when they try to make the long journey to the tag search and/or the tagged’s notification box.