replied to your post “wtf?”

Squirt them with a water gun. It’s not illegal and it’s very annoying

I kinda really love this idea. And I can just imagine the looks on their faces as I pull out a ridiculously-bright-colored water gun. Because of course I would have to get one of those big old super soaker things.

Would that just be so fun! I think I might actually WANT salespeople to come into my shop if I got to shoot them with a water gun!

Me and the guys would be fighting over who got to do it!

Thank you 😀

I saw the post about tattoos as somebody who has *I’ve mark syndrome* which is a no immune system problem is that mean I can’t have a tattoo that won’t bleed? Thank you

Hi 🙂

I looked up Ivemark Syndrome, and it appears to
have a wide range of issues. I’m not sure which particular issues you
have, but it might be a good idea to talk to your doctor about getting a
tattoo. Tattooing is becoming more mainstream, so a lot of doctors
don’t just dismiss it outright like they did years ago, and they might
have good advice for you.

Tattooing is hard on your system.
Not only are you injecting ink under the top few layers of skin, which
the body interprets as something toxic it needs to reject, but the
needles puncturing skin over and over damages the skin, and your body
has to work hard to heal that.

I’ve had plenty of people with
medical issues (like cancer, immune deficiency, etc.) come into my shop
and, after I warn them of the risks, they make an informed decision to
do it anyway. It’s your body, and only you can make that decision.

read that Ivemark Syndrome makes it hard for people to fight off
infection, so be very careful when choosing an artist. Make sure they’re
very clean and you follow their aftercare instructions. If you have any
problems during the healing process, you might need to get a round of

When it comes to the bleed you asked about, tell the
artist about your condition before they start tattooing you and let them
know you’re at high risk of having bleeds and blowouts. They’ll be
extra careful while tattooing you and also add some shading to hide any
areas that might have a blowout.

Even if you go through all this
and end up with a blowout that really bothers you, you can always go
back and ask them to extend the shading to make the blowout blend in and
look like it was meant to be there. If you have excessive bleeding
while you’re getting tattooed, the artist might as you to stop for the
day, let the tattoo heal, then come back to finish up the rest of it.

drink alcohol the night before, and if you can (and your doctor says
it’s okay), stay away from aspirin and ibuprofen 24 hours before the
tattoo. Drink lots of water, eat a good meal before you go, and get a
good night’s sleep. All those things should help minimize bleeding

Good luck 🙂