Hi, everybody! I take gummies (medicinal THC in measured doses via edibles) on Saturday nights to “reset” my schizophrenic brain and keep me doing well throughout the week (huzzah for no psychotic breaks in well over a year!). But that means I’m pretty wasted on Saturday nights, so this is fair warning to blacklist #mayahighblogs …

hi everybody

*waits for you guys to say hi dr nick*

Okay, so I’m a little early tonight. I just now took my gummies and it usually takes about 45 minutes for them to hit depending on my metabolism, so we’ll see how fast this goes downhill.

If you’re wondering what the fuck is going on as the night progresses, check out This Post for details.

If you don’t want to see this stupid shit, blacklist mayahighblogs. I can’t promise I’ll remember to tag every post thought because… well… *points at link*

It’s a medical necessity, folks! I owe my relative sanity to Saturday nights 😛