Best Brother Ever

Title Best Brother Ever
Fandom Supernatural
Category Slash
Rating Adult/Explicit/NC-17
Pairing(s) Sam/Dean
Words 3976
Timeline None
Warnings & Tags
Incest, Virginity, Massage, Prostate Massage, Fingerfucking, Dirty Talk, Coming Untouched.
Sam, Dean
Full Prompt
Dean is really sore after a hunt, his back is aching badly. He thinks shower might help but it didn’t. Dean is still rubbing his back, sitting on motel chair and shifting uncomfortably. Sam notices and offers Dean a full body massage – Dean’s first reaction is something like ,,get your huge hands away of me, because ugh gay” but his back is really killing him so Sam eventually talks him into laying naked on the towel on the motel bed/table (up to you)with just s towel covering his ass. And hell, Sam is really good at giving massage. He even uses massaging oil or something. Dean is tense at first, because even though it’s his own brother, it’s still a guy, and guy touching another guy is weird to him. But eventually he relaxes and enjoys Sam’s touch. After some time when Dean is fully relaxed, Sam is massaging his lower back and eventually his ass, and his hole. Eventually he slips oiled finger into his hole, Dean is shocked at first, but Sam is works him good and locates his prostate quite fast. Dean is speechless, he has never had anything in his ass before, but this feels amazing. Sam milks his prostate, which leads to squirming, mewling and sobing Dean, eventually an awesone orgasm Dean has never had before in his life. (yeah, Sam just discovered Dean is *total* finger slut)
Sam can say things like let me take care of you or talk dirty to him or so, but it’s up to you. They don’t have to end up having sex, but it’s obvious Dean is the bottom one. another kinks accepted (add what you like :)) but no established relationship please, and they are not in love with each other – it’s just one of these strong, intense brotherly moments, when Dean lets his walls fall down, vulnerable, and lets Sam take care of him. There is only two of them and the rest of the world does not exist.
Summary Dean is really sore after a hunt, and Sam offers a massage. Dean’s first reaction is a big no, but his back is killing him, so he gives in. It turns out Sam’s awesome at massages, and Sam knows what will help relax him even more. A/N: Yes, this is an actual medical condition, and yes, this is the way to fix it, and for plausible deniability’s sake (as if I ever had that), I’ll just say it works very well and fun is had by all.