Corner Time

Title Corner Time
Fandom Supernatural
Category Slash
Rating Adult/Explicit/NC-17
Pairing(s) Castiel/Gabriel
Words 4291
Timeline Set just after the end of Hello, Cruel World 7×02
Non-con infantilism and spanking used as discipline in angel hierarchy, but the sexual activity is completely consensual
Non-Con Infantilism, Handjob, Discipline, Spanking, Gags, Bondage, Kink Meme, Fluff
Castiel, Gabriel
Full Prompt
Castiel is forced to be an ‘infant’ by whomever author anon chooses. +because he keeps forgetting that babies don’t talk a pacifier shaped gag is used. ++some form of restraints used to prevent him standing, so he can only shuffle on his butt or crawl. +++Spanking or other forms of punishment for when Cas misbehaves. ++++sexual kinks are welcome. Just have someone forcing Cas to act like a baby
Summary Gabriel is given the task of punishing Castiel after the events of Season 6, and this is set just after the end of Hello, Cruel World 7×02. Angels take a hands-on approach to discipline, but it’s out of love and concern, whether Castiel wants it or not.