My Fics Posted in December

Title: Alpha House Snapchat Series
Pairing(s): All combinations of Benny, Sam, Castiel, Gabriel, Nick (Lucifer), Dean,
Kevin, Sarah, Charlie, Crowley, and a bunch of other pairings.
Summary: A snapchat-style and extension of the Alpha House ‘verse where Gabriel uploads porny pics and snippets of their life. Please keep in mind these pics are very explicit. I’ll be posting them on AO3 soon. There are 15 of them so far.

Title: Dreamweaver on AO3
Pairing(s): Gen
Word Count: 96k
Some violence, casefic of sorts, mental illness, attempted non-con
(involving two OCs and not on-screen, then another on-screen attempt
between a patient and Dean), non-con medical procedures but NO ABUSE,
graphic description of medical examinations (most of which are dub-con
to non-con because of the situation), nightmares/dreams, disturbing
situations and imagery, hallucinations, side effects of psychiatric
Henriksen ends up catching Sam and Dean at the end of Nightshifter, but
because of the nature of their crimes, and after a quick psych eval,
Dean’s sent to a criminal psychiatric hospital.

Title: Alpha House Chapter 26: The Losing Side (or Start at the Beginning)
Pairings(s): All combinations of Benny, Sam, Castiel, Gabriel, Nick (Lucifer), Dean, Kevin, Sarah, Charlie, Crowley, and a bunch of other pairings.
Word Count:18k
A change in the house.  Something none of them expected.

Weed (On TumblrOn AO3)
Gen/John & Dean
Word Count:
Non-consensual spanking/discipline, father/son discipline, crying,
preseries (Dean is 17 years old, so is considered underage, but there’s
no sex of any sort involved)
Dean gets in trouble and decides running away from home is a better option than facing the consequences.

Title: Shrooms on AO3
Word Count:
Pollen!fic (and the dub-con associated with pollen fic), first time,
switching, handjob, blowjob, fucking, awkwardness, Season 1
The guys are on a hunt when Dean faceplants into a patch of wild mushrooms. Then everything goes downhill.

Title: Going Solo (On AO3On Tumblr)
Pairing(s): Gen/Dean & John & Bobby
Warnings/Tags:  Non-consensual discipline spanking (father/son non-sexual spanking), crying, discussion.
Summary: Dean wanted to show John he was ready to hunt on his
own, but he chose the wrong way to do it, and he has to face the
consequences after nearly getting Bobby killed. Set shortly before John
and Dean part ways while Sam’s at Stanford.

Title: Hangovers and Morning Discussions (On AO3On Tumblr)
Pairing(s): Gen/Dean & Sam
Warnings/Tags:  Non-consensual discipline spanking, crying, discussion of past spanking.
Sam’s concerned about Dean’s drinking. Dean doesn’t think it’s a problem. Sam does.

Title: Under His Wing (On AO3 – On Tumblr)
Pairing(s): Gen/Dean & Gabriel
Warnings/Tags:  Non-consensual discipline spanking, begging, crying,
Summary: Gabriel agreed to protect the Winchesters after
things got heated between them and Crowley, but Dean’s not keeping up
his end of the bargain, and Gabriel’s not happy about that.

Title: Trash AF
Pairing(s): Dean/Castiel
Warnings/Tags: Crack, curses/spells, humor, trash talking.
Summary: This was an entry for the @spncoldesthits, but this one isn’t nearly as traumatic as my first entry, so don’t be scared to read this one 😀

Total Words Posted in December: 138,924, including older fic that has been sitting around on my computer.

Month in Review: September 2015

September 2015

September I posted a fill for a request by majesticduxk, who asked for a spanking fic with Dean as the spankee named Lies and Break-Ins. Next I posted my first gaping fic with More and a medical play Destiel fic Doc. I also posted Daddy’s Good Boy, which is a Dean Smith/boss!Castiel fic with daddy kink.

littlebookstructuredclutter I posted Structured Clutter, which is something I’ve been working on for a while. It’s a Destiel slavefic with a bit of a twist in that Castiel is asexual and Dean is aromantic. This is just the first part, although it kind of stands on its own. I plan on expanding the ‘verse soon.

In September I also posted four more chapters of Tumblr Ask Box Requests with Sick of Me, Pregnancy Blues, The Mark of Freedom, and I’m Here.

Month in Review: August 2015

August 2015

I started off August with a non-sexual infantilism/age-play fic named Falling Into Me. Next I posted Filled Up, which was another fill for the Tumblr Ask Box Requests.

Soul to Squeeze was a very different fic for me and my first mpreg + graphic birth fic. It turned out better than I thought it would, and it was also a fill for a request on the SPNKinkMeme.

After that I posted four more chapters of Tumblr Ask Box Requests including another non-sexual infantilism fic Dinosaurs and Cough Syrup, a Sabriel fic Customer Service with a Smile, mpreg Wincest fluff Dinosaurs and Cough Syrup, and Wincestiel with sex-toy!Dean Us against the World

Month in Review: July 2015

July 2015

Back in June I started playing around with something. I read an article about working as a writer for hire where someone could commission you to write whatever they wanted. It sounded like a challenge to me, so I opened up requests to see if I could do it.

People could request anything, any pairing, any situation, and I’d write it. So far in June and July I’ve posted four of them, and you can read them on Ao3. They include Open Your Eyes, Tips to Make Your Girl Weak in the Knees, Size Doesn’t Matter, and Do As I Say.

littlebookahAt the very end of June I posted Chapter 23 of Alpha House ‘Verse and coming into July I posted Chapter 24 of Alpha House ‘Verse.

July has been a big month for me so far, and I also posted a fic involved Season 7 Sam dealing with Hallucifer issues in Burns Cold. I posted my first femslash fic, Five-Second Rule, and a fun piece involving Sam and some of the SPN ladies called Five Times Sam Was Topped.

Last but not least, I also posted Chapter 2 of Run Trip and Fall. It was a follow-up to the first part requested by someone.