fun nsfw facts :P

I’ve mentioned plenty of times on here that I can orgasm just from pain (my own and/or another person’s), but I can also orgasm to music.

My brain loves music so much that if I spend at least 30 minutes listening to good music at a medium to high level, I’m pretty much sated and high even if I don’t actually orgasm or have any substances in me.

And last Saturday when I was doing the weekly reset thing, I tried getting off to music at the same time and HOLY SHIT.

Sooooo if you didn’t know, orgasming while high on edibles is like… RIDICULOUSLY good. One of the BEST ORGASMS. Highly recommend. 10/10. I do it frequently 😀

Add to that my love of music and I nearly passed out, almost fell off the bed, and kicked so hard I stubbed my toe on the end of my bed, sending me into a second orgasm.

Which was strong enough I *did* fall off the bed.


Never gonna give you up

Fun Fact About Me: Rick Astley’s Whenever You Need Somebody was the first album I ever bought.

My family was so thrilled because before then I hadn’t shown much interest in music, and they couldn’t have cared less that it was a dorky pop album, they just were so happy I started caring about music because music is a HUGE thing on both sides of my family.

After that I went nuts over all kinds of music and at one time had over 400 cassette tapes. Right now I have a library of over 175gb of music on my computer that I share with my family. Friends and family always give any new music they find to me so I can add it to my library 😀

hey maya, have you seen the music video for Tongues by Joywave? the sheer number of bare butts in it made me think of you >.< hope u don't mind lol. ps. I tried to link the music video but tumblr won't let me :(

I hadn’t seen it! Thank you!! That’s a lot of butts, and I do really like butts 😀

Here a link for anyone who wants to check it out. Warning for naked butts, but it’s not gratuitous. There IS a point (a pretty cool one) to the naked butts 😛

Oh, and I never mind getting links or info or whatever anybody wants to send to me. I love that it made you think of me and I’m always up for listening to new music! Thank you 🙂