i very much dislike people who claim to be bi/pan

but in reality they only want to have a threesome with me and another chick or they want someone open-minded and into kinks.

Lesbians don’t do it nearly as much as het men, but it still happens.

Look, I’m not going to bi/pan chat rooms, forums, etc. in order to find creeps, and I’ve had enough experience with it that I’m GOING to realize what you’re doing very quickly and I’m GOING to announce to the whole place what you’re doing so no one will interact with you.

If they would’ve come at me honestly, saying they want an open-minded kinky person, that’s totally fine, but don’t claim to be something you’re not just to get the fun parts.

it’s been a while since i’ve done the cybersex with a stranger thing and yes this happened again last night

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