@majesticduxk said:
the guys at your shop… they don’t always have common sense, do they?

No. They don’t. Like… REALLY don’t. One of the main reasons I opened the shop was because I saw this. These guys were floundering about, trying to buy supplies, doing it in a really illogical way (they don’t like to wait, don’t like to plan ahead, so they end up overpaying like crazy for things to be sent as quickly as possible to their house and they do it AFTER they need something, after business hours) so I opened the shop as a place for guys to be able to buy things right here, right now.

It’s working. It plays into my strengths, which are business and organizational skills and my ability to interact with other business people. It also is cool because me and my family have NO artistic skills, but we have a big interest in art, such as tattoos. So even though we can’t do it ourselves, we can facilitate it in others who can’t understand/function in the business world.

It sounds strange, but I treat them pretty much how you would treat a very emotional 5-year-old boy. Yes boy, because girls are more sneaky and manipulative and more mature than boys. These guys don’t run on logic, but rather on emotion, they’re very surface and obvious about how they feel, and if you can get a good symbiosis going, it works great! It took a while for me to learn it and try different things, but it’s working great now 🙂

That was a very long-winded answer to your rhetorical question 😀

@coconutice22 said: 
I need to
learn to read slower, I saw “I kinda wanna hook up some sort of
electrical shock thing” and in my head it was “I kinda wanna hook up
*with* some sort of electrical shock thing”  (since we’d say ‘plug in’
here and hook up is just a sex thing so my mind filled in the missing
word for ya). The whole post took a fast turn in my version of events.
Maya has a vending machine to Maya wants to hook up with some

Hehehe! I read things too fast all the time and get really strange shit out of it 😀

Thank you for letting me know because I got a chuckle out of this! I do like electrical play, so I’d totally “hook up” with an electrical thing too.

Of course, that’s plug in again instead of hook up. Damn. Okay, if there were an electric guy handing out electrical orgasms, I’d hook up with him. Yes, that works.

I’m Stuck

Arg. I have two series going, and though I’m writing future parts, I’m stuck on the next post-able parts!

When I get stuck or when I come up with things I want for future parts in fic, I write ahead. And I’ve done that with both my ongoing series.

I have nearly 75k words written for the Alpha House ‘Verse, but I’m stuck at the 45k mark with a gap to fill. I’ve got nearly 45k words written for the Resonance ‘Verse, but I’m stuck at the 35k mark with a small-ish gap to fill.

I have holes that need filling!

*Giggles and points childishly* That sounded dirty.



I’m finally getting caught up on my bookmarks and saving of my fics in Evernote. I use a combination of Evernote and Diigo to save my fics. If only Evernote had the ability to do ONE little thing, I’d switch completely to Evernote.

Diigo lets me know I’m on a page I’ve already saved as a bookmark by turning my bookmark icon red.
Evernote doesn’t have this feature, which makes it a pain to browse quickly through links. I don’t remember every fic I’ve read and/or bookmarked, so this is a huge time-saver.

But I really, really like Evernote for everything else, including the tablet app. Diigo’s tablet app sucks.

I’d feel more comfortable if Evernote let me backup my entire account in a format other than ENEX and HTML, but it’s not the end of the world. It’s better than no backup feature at all.

When Delicious pulled that amazingly shitty move (revamping after the YouTube founders bought it) back in 2011, I was stuck with around 2000 bookmarks that were only partially there.

I save bookmarks in a very anal way. I tag everything very well, yes, but I also write custom summaries for each fic I’ve finished reading.

When the buy-out happened, for some reason they decided users wouldn’t need more than 250 (I think that was the limit) characters in their summaries, even though they actually allowed more than 250 characters, so on transfer, all my bookmarks were cut to 250-character summaries.

I switched to Diigo immediately, and thankfully my previous backup (only one month old at the time) of my Delicious account had the full summaries. I just had to redo the bookmarks from that last month.

Problem was, Diigo only allowed 250-character transfers too, though their limit on characters is
amazingly high (much higher than Delicious ever dreamed of), which I really like! So it took me a while, but I went through every single one of my 2000 bookmarks and used my month-old Delicious backup to update my new Diigo account summaries.

I mentioned I was anal. I really am.

Now I’m nearing 5000 bookmarks, but only close to 3000 are in Evernote because I’ve been slowly working at transferring them.

I discovered Evernote about a year and a half ago, and within just a few days of using it, I realized I really liked it. When I got my tablet a little less than a year ago, I grew to like Evernote even more.

I’m not the type of person who spends money a lot, so to say I’m seriously considering paying for the Evernote premium account is very telling of how much I like the program.

I don’t know as I’ll stick with one program ever again. Delicious soured me on putting all my eggs in one basket. But not only is Evernote the best thing I’ve ever found for fanfic-related notes, it’s great for work.

I’m the sole IT person for three small businesses, all with employees who know next to nothing about computers, and some of the employees even fight learning anything about computers.

Evernote makes it easy to do research on my home desktop, access it from my tablet when I’m around the house or my family’s houses, and I can access my account and research with my laptop no matter where I am, including at the small businesses.

I’m considering telling the businesses Evernote is a necessity, then getting them to pay for it 🙂