Title Tasty
Link AO3
Square Filled Coming Untouched
Ship Sam/Ruby
Rating Explicit
Tags Season/Series 04; Queening; Face-Sitting; Face-Fucking; Coming Untouched; Oral Sex
Summary Sam just can’t get enough of Ruby.
Word Count 396
Written for @spnkinkbingo

Stomach warmed from the blood that Ruby had so freely given him, Sam held tightly onto the demon’s thighs. Ruby rode Sam’s lips, tongue and nose, chasing her own pleasure as her hands braced her either side of him. Breath almost completely gone, Sam moaned between Ruby’s folds, enjoying her sweetness as his own length ached, untouched. Not once did he allow his hands to slip from Ruby to touch himself, because then she would be gone and he didn’t want to lose her dripping folds.

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So hot!!

True Fear

Title: True Fear
Rating: Adult/Explicit/NC-17
Relationship(s): Dean/Castiel
Word Count: 1029

Anonymous Prompt: Seeing the true form of angels doesn’t burn a human’s eyes out. But angels don’t show humans their true forms because it’s really fucking terrifying. Dean, being the badass that he is, begs Cas to show him his true form, insisting he can handle it. Cas eventually caves and shows him. And it scares the piss out of Dean. Literally. Which is humiliating, except that Cas is weirdly turned on by it. Cas starts randomly flashing his true form so Dean’ll piss his pants. It works like a charm every time.

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