Title: Tough it OutPairing(s): Dean/Castiel – DestielWord Count: 3.4kRating: NC-17/Adult/ExplicitTags: PTSD, sex pollen, virginity, virgin!Castiel, panic attacks, season 5, consensual sexOriginal Post Date: January 23, 2014Link: AO3 Summary: Prompt fill for the request of Sam and Dean finding a cursed object that allows them to switch genders whenever they want. Tag List: @samanddeaninpanties​​ @pod7et​​ @wanderingcas​​ …

Tough it Out

Title: Tough it Out
Fandom: Supernatural
Category: Slash
Rating: Adult/Explicit/NC-17
Relationship(s): Dean/Castiel
Characters: Dean, Castiel
Tags: PTSD, Sex Pollen, Virginity, Panic Attacks, Season 5
Word Count: 3364

Anonymous Prompt: Dean/Cas, sex pollen, PTSD, flackbacks. Dean and Cas get hit with sex pollen and need to fuck it out. Cas is still inexperienced (possibly a virgin), so Dean offers to bottom, to make it easier for him. Unfortunately, Dean has a whole lot of really awful memories when it comes to sex with other guys (e.g. Alastair) and Cas’ accidental roughness (due to the pollen-induced urgency) triggers a flashback. They have no choice but go through with things anyway. Lots of love for badly shaken Dean trying to pretend nothing’s wrong and tough it out until he just can’t anymore, and overwhelmed, concerned Cas doing the best he can to help and be gentle. No naive/idiot!Cas, please. He knows what sex is and how it works (and why Dean is freaking out), he just doesn’t have any hands-on experience and the pollen clouding his brain doesn’t help.

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