Reblog if you, ace spectrum or not, would rather have a dragon than sex.

Is it a trained dragon?

Yes. And friendly and will protect you.

Absofuckinglutely. I don’t care if it’s a five ton beast that will intimidate my foes or a five pound dragon that squawks more than it roars and will mostly glare fiercely at you if you annoy me. I want the dragon.


We could start a dragon resort or something 😀

I’m an aromantic pansexual. Would I still be able to masturbate? Because if the answer is yes, then HELL YEAH gimme that dragon! I think I could go without sex if it meant getting a dragon, though giving up masturbation would be a deal-breaker.

If masturbation isn’t on the table, can I at least pet someone else’s dragon? Maybe feed them?

darthflake: mysteryhat: Mansplaining, online dating edition: defining my sexuality for me I don’t understand. How is taking selfies related to sex? Am I doing something wrong? I’m a pansexual with a high libido who never takes selfies. An enigma!

“you’re not really bi/pan if you settle down with one person”

I think we’ve been looking at this statement all wrong, guys, because this must mean that straight people, even though they settle with the opposite gender, are still attracted to other genders and/or non-binary individuals, otherwise they wouldn’t have such a hard time with the concept of a bi/pan settling with a single-gender partner yet still remaining bi/pan.


this isn’t serious discussion folks i just have to see the humor in the awful shit of the world or i lose what little sanity i have left