bigoted parents are missing out on so much fun

My mom is bisexual and she’s always been completely open to me being whatever I was going to be (I’m pansexual), including gender and sexual orientation.

We’ve bonded over stories about her trying out threesomes, sharing heartbreaks and supporting one another, one of us nudging the other when we see a hot girl or guy when we’re out in pubic, and so many other lighthearted things parents are missing out on because they can’t get over their own hang-ups.

None of the bullshit really matters in the end.
Be kind and enjoy each other.

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Survey Into Gender And Sexuality Experiences


In an attempt to develop some concept of the populations, numbers, and correlations of certain belief patterns in online LGBTQ+ spaces, I have drafted this semi-formal survey.

It is not associated with any academic institution or data collection group. Simply a personal project. As such, it has not been reviewed by the APA or any other formal review groups.

It is extremely long, and will take around 20-30 minutes to complete.

All questions excepting the first two demographics questions are completely optional, so if you do not feel confident in your ability to answer a question, please skip it, or mark it as “blank.”

If possible, please also pass this survey along to others.

If you have questions regarding the survey, or the data collected by it, please send those questions to the ask system on this blog.

All responses are anonymous. The “sign in” feature is to prevent people from spamming the form with duplicate submissions.

You are able to edit your responses after submission, in the event that you wish to change the way you answered a question or questions.

If you wish to take the survey, click here.

Summaries of the survey results will be posted on this blog at 100, 250, and 500 respondents, and every additional 500 respondents after that.

The survey will be closed in one year (August 1st, 2018), or if no new responses have been added for three months (90 days).