yoda has a last name

me: i bet you didn’t know yoda had a last name and it’s leyheehoo

my mom: yoda has a last name?!

my aunt: what?!

my mom: *looks to her sister* did you know yoda had a last name? you’re a big star wars fan. did you know that?!

my aunt: no


both of them in unison: yodaleyheeHAAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!!

gayforbagels: pentag0nal: This is my friend TJ, wearing a costume she made for Halloween, 1977.  She was 16 at the time. Now, keep in mind: there was no internet to search for images.  She could not have rented and paused the movie, because it wasn’t released on video until 1982.  No, TJ just went to …

i got so high last night that i watched the wrong movie

After @aphnxrising had me read a really hot fic a few weeks back, I decided to watch The Force Awakens to catch up on new characters so I can read fic.

The fact that I was wicked high paired with my prosopagnosia (not super bad case of it, but I have difficulty recognizing people, especially if I don’t know them REALLY well) worked against me.

I spent the entire movie wondering why Daisy Ridley’s cheeks didn’t seem as round as I remembered and also waiting for some big event to happen that would make her character change her name from Jyn to Rey.

I was also sorely disappointed when I didn’t see John Boyega at all, but thought nothing of the fact that Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher were missing.

I was also surprised by how boring the movie was and I was sERIOUSLY judging both Ryan and @aphnxrising, who both told me The Last Jedi was a must-see.

I didn’t realize my mistake until this afternoon.