mayaaa, i am your mooother

My mom just had a seizure, so I gave her some meds, got her into bed, and helped her get the CPAP machine on her head (those air pressure face masks that help you breathe at night).

Well, she just figured out that if she talks with a deep voice while wearing the CPAP and leaving her mouth open she sounds like Darth Vader.

So she’s giggle-snorting in between “mayaaaaaa, I am you moooother” and I’m holding my stomach because I’m laughing so hard and she just keeps going even as I’m walking out of her bedroom “uuuuuse the force, mayaaaaaa!”


So there’s this website that lets you build your own custom lightsaber.

That’s one I would build as a Jedi. You can basically customize every detail, from the pommel all the way to the color and length of the blade.

There are so many options. Want a shoto lightsaber like Yoda? Boom. Done.

Want a long-handled lightsaber with a red blade that could effectively be wielded like a spear?

It’s yours. This opens so many possibilities for creating your own characters or just being a huge geek like me.

Please feel completely free to add the ones you make.