The science of StarStarStar.

Trek: This is science-fiction, but we want our science to at least sound plausible. Therefore, most of the time, our scientific explanations will be rooted in scientific fact or at the very least solid, generally accepted theory.
Gate: We’re about half and half. We try to make it plausible sometimes, but usually you just have to technobabble your way through it.
Wars: This man has a laser sword. Why does he have a laser sword? Because laser swords are cool. This is all the explanation you need.

Hey guys can you just take a second help me out with my stats project?!


I have this project for stats where I need to conduct a survey and I need 50 people’s responses. It’s pretty simple and it should only take less than a minute. Please reblog this and in the tags tell me what gender you identify with, and which franchise film series is your favorite. Here are the choices:

-Harry Potter

-Star Wars

-Pirates of The Caribbean

-Jurassic Park