For the SPN ask thingy, 4 and 24 please!


4: Normally, the answer to this would have been Meg, but I talked about her in another ask, so I’ll go with someone else. Azazel. Because I’m so obsessed with s2 and Sam’s arc, I find myself invested in many of the side characters involved. Azazel was a guy I loved to hate. Wonderful bad guy. Oh oh oh!!! But then there’s Abaddon. God, I’m so into her. No hate for her at all, only love. Remember when she threatened to peel off Dean’s anti possession tattoo? Remember when she had him on his knees? She left such an impression on me. A lot of “bad guys” aren’t all that memorable. Imo, she is.  

24: I’d tell Sam he’s not a monster. You know how he’s into giving characters speeches/pep talks like “it doesn’t matter what you are. It only matters what you do. It’s your choice”? I think he says that stuff for himself, not just them. Because if he believes some people can’t be saved, maybe he’s on that list too. So I’d want to remind him he’s so much better than he thinks.

I’d tell Cas he deserves to be happy. Whether that happiness involves the Winchesters or not, I don’t care. I just want him to be okay. He’s got so much fucking heart (Jack too, no surprise), it’s hard not to be protective of him.

I’d tell Dean (all of the boys, Jack included, actually) that I hope he opens up to the possibility of therapy someday. Beneath the anger and rage is fear and pain. Sam’s not the only one with trauma – Dean’s got it too. And in order to become a healthier, happier person… it might be good for him to do a deep dive on that trauma, his feelings, his behavior, all of it.

Thank you!!

I do like a lot of characters just for the way they influence or play off the main characters, and Azazel was a good one for that!

But oh Abaddon. DAMN she kills me. *drools* If she was real and I was fairly certain she wouldn’t kill me, I’d totally want her to domme the hell outta me.

For 24, I wish I could put you in the show. Everybody needs some comfort, and it sounds like you’d be a good person for that.

Thanks for answering 🙂