trebaolofarabia: broromini: @eastern-bloc-party @lavenderlacelongjohns Mulder sitting down to write his case file, ‘I wonder if Skinner enjoys my philosophical musings about the universe and nature of the soul in this legal form about how many times I discharged my firearm in pursuit of what Scully euphemistically referred to as a ‘Ghost Cat you made up.’

TOP 5 favorite fanfics others have written? TOP 5 most recent fics you’ve read?

Top 5 Favorite Fanfics (I’m cheating with more than five because how the hell do I pick only five!?!?)

Thicker than Water by valiant

Some Don’t Like it Hot by strangenessandcharm

BDSM ‘Verse by Xanthe

Sex Corps ‘Verse by epeeblade

Beautiful Broken by lit-girl

42 by Mort and the Sequel

Chains ‘Verse by Diana Williams

Incubus by crimson

Scruffy AI by lavvyan

These are no longer online, but need a mention: Stranger Things ‘Verse by esmeralda, Sick ‘Verse by writeatmidnight, Of Pie and Self-Loathing by scourgeofeurope

That’s five, right? I’m good at math and I say that’s ^ five.

5 most recent fics

On the Edge by @samanddeaninpanties

Chick Flick Moment by @samanddeaninpanties

Saved by @samanddeaninpanties

Burgundy and Black by @majesticduxk

Tasty by @dreamsfromthebunker

mayalaen: Skinner/Krycek Only Lorelei’s Fics Sugar Daddy Series: Shameless PWP. Walter, Alex, and one really hot car. Boy: The Rat likes it rough, but might get more than he bargained for. Welcome Home: An unexpected visitor brings a surprise. Friendly Persuasion: You work all day spying and betraying and what do you come home to? …