X-Files Links

I watched the X-Files as it aired, enjoyed the whole thing and the movies. I still love to read X-Files fanfic, though there are quite a few websites that are no longer up and running.

I’m going to give some of my recs, though I’d ask you keep in mind that I tend to like really dark fics, and a few of the authors I’m reccing write a lot of domestic discipline fic.

Some of my favorite authors (I’d rec anything of theirs):
Mort (personal site is down, but can be Wayback’d, and you can also find some fic at FHSArchive
Diana Williams
Kassandra (personal site is down, but can be Wayback’d)

Rec and Link Lists:
LilyCharlotte’s Recs
Epic Recs
ScarletFBL’s Links
Kinkygrrl’s Links
xphilefic Specialized Archive Links
Enigmatic Dr.’s Fanfic Favorites

Even though it may seem overwhelming, a great place to go for fic that has some great search features is Down in the Basement. The site is HUGE, but I’ve spent plenty of time wandering around on this site!

Also, if you’re looking for het pairings, check out The Gossamer Project